How to apply for the JobKeeper Payment

Applying for the JobKeeper Payment


Follow the steps in the video below to apply for the JobKeeper Payment. If you are unsure if you are eligible, or how to access the Business Portal, there are videos below.

Are you eligible for the JobKeeper Payment?


In this video, I talk about the eligibility criteria and the process of paying your employees.

Alternative Turnover Test Rules


Were you not trading this time last year? Or were you drought-declared or in a natural disaster last year not now you don’t meet the Turnover tests for Job Keeper? There are now Alternative Tests for 7 different scenarios. I got over all 7 in this video.

Monthly Declaration


Each month you must lodge a declaration showing your total number of employees, your turnover the past month, and projected turnover for the next month. You do not need to include the JobKeeper amounts in your turnover. 

Getting access to the Business Portal


If you are still unsure of any grants, subsidies or payments you may be eligible for, please Contact Me and I will gladly help. Or join The Healthy Entrepreneur Action Takers group on Facebook for more helpful videos.