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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I listen to the Podcast?

Drive with the Healthy Entrepreneur is published every Friday morning. You can listen in the places:

On this website 

On Spotify

On Apple Podcasts 

How do you work with Clients?

You can find the 1:1 Strategy sessions on the Work with Me page of the website. 

Where is the FREE Business Plan Template?

You can find the Business Plan Template and lots of other cool free stuff here.

What online Courses do you have?

You can find all the latest courses & some masterclasses here.


13 Steps from Start-up to Success

Want to turn your hobby into a successful business and learn the basics for success? Take the fear and confusion out of starting your own business with my free course. Filled with important lessons I’ve learned through my career, I’ll walk you through everything you need to do, step by step.

Get Your Ship Together Challenge

I’ll inspire you to take action with my free 5-day motivational business course, covering everything from sorting out your systems the organisation apps that have helped my business flourish. Basically, everything you need to know to transform from a hot mess to a polished entrepreneur.

Business Growth Formula

Growing your business can be stressful: but it doesn’t have to be. Perfect for business owners who want a little more hands-on help, my Business Growth Formula course will provide you with everything you need to take map out that strategic plan and ace business.

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